ABF Exemptions – Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents

07 June 2021

Labor has always sought to be constructive and supportive of the Government as it manages this health and economic crisis.


The current border restrictions, guided by medical advice, mean that Australians cannot travel overseas, and only Australian citizens, permanent residents and their immediate family can fly into the country. The Australian Border Force Commissioner is responsible for providing exemptions to these rules.


These determinations are made under the Biosecurity Act 2015, of which there is no right of appeal to the ABF Commissioner.


While our border closures have helped to limit the spread of COVID-19, Australians and their families are understandably concerned and worried about when they will be able to see the loved ones again.


As of June 2021, there is still no clear roadmap or plan to help Australians reunite with their loved ones since the border closed in March 2020.


Many are feeling understandable frustration at seeing professional sportspeople, movie stars and politicians enter and leave Australia as they please, while they have been left behind by the Morrison Government.


Compounding this feeling of hopelessness, is Mr Morrison’s failure to deliver the vaccine rollout on schedule, and their refusal to take responsibility for quarantine. This is just another example of Scott Morrison’s dangerous complacency when it comes to our post-COVID recovery.


Rather than developing a plan so that Australians like you can understand what Mr Morrison is thinking, he is ignoring you.


This is not the leadership that Australia needs.


That is because Mr Morrison is not interested in what you want or need. He’s not on your side. He’s only it in it for himself.


Australians deserve a government that is on their side. This is why Labor will continue to monitor this issue and hold the Government to account to ensure that Australians are not left behind.