27 September 2021

Labor has a strong relationship with the Australian Conservation Foundation, and is working closely with the Foundation to develop our climate policies for the next election.


We’ve already announced some of those policies, including that Labor will: 

  • Invest $20 billion to upgrade Australia's electricity grid and unlock renewable energy - and the jobs and power savings that comes with it;
  • Make electric cars cheaper by slashing inefficient taxes;
  • Cut bills and support the grid with community batteries for up to 100,000 solar households; and
  • Support 10,000 apprenticeships in the new energy trades of the future.

You can read details of these policies here: www.alp.org.au/policies.

Unfortunately, however, only the Morrison Government will represent Australia at the COP26 conference in November. 


For that reason, Labor is campaigning strongly for the Government to finally adopt a credible climate policy in time for Glasgow.


Labor has consistently called on the Government to commit to net zero emissions by 2050. Labor itself has held that commitment since 2015.


But while net zero is the essential starting point of good climate policy, Labor knows it's not sufficient - Australia also needs a strong roadmap to get there. 


So Labor has also been clear that the Government's current 2030 target is too weak, and should be strengthened at Glasgow.


As I say, Labor is also developing its own policies for announcement ahead of the next election. 


Those policies will be guided by our understanding that the world's climate emergency is Australia's jobs opportunity.


Australia has the natural resources and the people to be a renewable energy superpower - creating jobs and cutting power bills at home, and exporting new sources of energy to a world hungry with demand.


An Albanese Labor Government will create jobs, cut power prices, and reduce emissions.