Will you rule out giving my taxes to gas developments?

03 February 2022

Labor has always fought for strong action on climate change.

Clean energy, such as wind and solar, is now the cheapest energy available, and that's what ARENA and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation should continue to invest in.

Labor’s credentials are strong when it comes to safeguarding public investment in clean energy.

Recently we fought and won against the Coalition’s attempts to undermine Labor’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation, a world-leading green bank. The CEFC is now safe from being used to fund gas, coal and nuclear.

The Government hasn’t been able to point to any jobs in the recovery period for their so-called ‘gas-led recovery’. It is a farce and more dishonesty from the Government to suggest that gas will lead Australia into economic recovery.

Labor supports an ongoing role for gas in firming and peaking electricity supply, gas projects that stack up will be funded by the private sector, not taxpayers.

Labor is the only party that will be able to deliver strong action on climate change with our recently announced our Powering Australia policy.

Independent modelling shows Powering Australia will create 64,000 direct jobs and 604,000 indirect jobs, and will spur $76 billion in investment.

Renewables will grow to 82% by 2030, cutting power bills for families and businesses across the National Electricity Market by $275 in 2025 compared to today.

And alongside this economic benefit, Powering Australia will reduce emissions by 43% by 2030, keeping us on track for net zero by 2050.

Only a Labor Government will deliver strong, job-creating climate change and energy policies.