National Driver Fatigue Week 21-27 February is an initiative of the Power Nap

The focus of national driver fatigue week is to educate all road users that a power nap is a viable
intervention strategy when overcome with fatigue while driving.

Scientific research and evidentiary support identify a 15-20 minute power nap improves concentration
and situation awareness. A driver on a long journey may need to repeat the process.

Prevention is always better than a cure. When circumstances prevail, and a driver is struggling to keep
their eyes open, they are in imminent danger of falling into a microsleep. At that time, a 15-20 minute
power nap is your solution.

The mission is that every driver knows what a power nap is, and how to implement the power nap
strategy when faced with driver fatigue. Education is the only tool we have to combat driver fatigue and
fatal crashes to save lives on Australian roads.

The Early Warning Signs of Driver Fatigue are;
• Yawning
• Poor concentration
• Tired, sore eyes,
• Restlessness,
• Slow reactions,
• Boredom,
• Irritable. 1

Driver fatigue tips to avoid fatigue when driving include;
• A good night’s sleep before commencing your journey
• Take regular breaks!
• Refrain from driving in the early hours of the morning when normally asleep


National Driver Fatigue